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Day 45

While filling out student loan forms yesterday I was reminded of all of the red tape laden, bureaucratic hell that I’ve had to endure over the years (college administration offices, banks, DMV) and it inspired this.

On Queue
If you will, please wait right over there
and take a moment to prepare.
You must have all your forms completed,
these instructions will not be repeated

While you wait please listen for your name
If you miss it, you’ll have only yourself to blame.
When your name is called please get in line
starting with line 29.

We’re a little understaffed today
and so there may be some delay.
Please wait for your turn patiently
until the next window is free.

Step to the window, don’t be shy,
but please wait for a moment while I
take a break, just for a few,
then I’ll send you to line 32.

Please fill these forms out while you wait,
than take them to line 58.
Then back to 29 you go.
When will it end? You’ll never know.

Listen to Day 45

Download Day 45

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  1. Michelle
    March 4, 2010 at 11:45 pm

    LOL:D I love it!! Especially since I hate the DMV.

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