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Day 10

This one just kinda came out of left field before I went to bed this moring when I was dead tired and racking my brain for something to write about to get a jump start on today’s poem and it just sorta sounded good. I have no idea what, if anything, it means. Hopefully someone who reads or listens to this can find some meaning in it.

Stream of Almost Unconsciousness
Pay no attention.
Give no heed.
These are only words,
just something to read.
They may have some meaning,
but that’s up to you.
At the very least
it’s something to do.
They ask no questions,
make no demand.
No interpretation
was ever planned.
Maybe it’s pointless,
but at least it’s concise
and now that it’s done
it will have to suffice.

Listen to Day 10

Download Day 10

Apologies for the sound quality of the podcast, having some technical issues today

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